I'm Cara – a mom, fiancé, EFT tapping practitioner in-the-making, real estate investor, digital marketer, entrepreneur & anything else my heart desires to be.

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If you've landed here, this is your sign. It's time to take life into your own hands, and be the one in control over your feelings. The key to your happiness is not in someone else's pocket.


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I run a free Facebook group that hosts a community of positive, goal driven, men and women on their own personal growth journey. Here you can find an abundance of discussions & resources surrounding the topics of living to your fullest potential, embracing your goals, achieving emotional freedom, becoming who you feel called to become, manifesting and building your dream life. 

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Do you want to get into the practice of gratitude, but don't know where to start? Jumpstart your new mindset with 30 days of gratitude delivered straight to your inbox. Daily questions, quotes or prompts that will bring a form of gratitude into your day.

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These short worksheets don't feel like a task, and are perfect for you if you'd like to bring more awareness, gratitude and love into your life. 

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Are you looking for a way to release the stress, anxiety, trauma, heavy emotions, or just the weight of your day-to-day? Do you have a vision for your life but can't seem to find the clear path to get there? This 4 day free tapping experience is suited for anyone who is looking for the above, and more. Transform your life using EFT tapping.

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I am currently working through my certification for Emotional Freedom Technique(s) via the McDonald Manifestation Method to EFT Tapping. 

Tapping works with both the body and mind -- helping you navigate through your subconscious mind and work through heavy feelings and trauma, disrupting existing thought patterns and replacing them with new beliefs. 

In short: it's a blend of talk therapy and tapping on acupuncture meridians.

Tapping sessions are currently offered at a discounted rate until my certification is complete!

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Emotional Freedom
Technique Pracitioner

“You've got a natural flow & really good intuition. I feel like a weight has lifted”

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My goal is to help men and women work through their traumas, heavy feelings, and help them to realize their potential and find their purpose again.

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