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30 Day Gratitude Challenge – Join Now

How many of you have been trying time and time again to be more grateful, only to find that you get caught up in the rush of the day and push your reflection off to the side? Your current moment seems so stress filled that you forget about the concept of being grateful? Or, you…

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Hand lettered with love

Last weekend my parents flew across the country to see the very reason I moved so far away. The Rocky Mountains are so overpoweringly incredible that no pictures can do them justice. So to have two of my rocks fly out and see this part of the country for the first time was so exhilarating….

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5 Steps to Dealing with Envy

We’ve all felt green, there’s no doubt about it. Envy is something I struggled with for a long time. Jealousy would creep out from the shadows starting from when I was a child up until even this past week. I like to think that it’s a natural “unconscious” reaction, but what’s most important is dealing…

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The importance of slowing down

As some of you may have noticed, I didn’t post a new blog post last week. I also haven’t posted on Instagram since last Sunday, which is very unlike me. As someone who understands the importance of consistency, I really struggled last week with making the decision not to post. I had been posting once…

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Positive vs Negative energy

Happy Sunday Friends! I wanted to build this next post off from some a older posts (How do you create happiness? & How to lose that extra weight), as I truly believe there are some smaller elements that can help contribute to both. Positive vs Negative Energy One of the things I mentioned previously is…

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