The big reveal

It’s finally here!

If you’ve been following along the past 4 weeks, you’d know that I’ve been hinting at an upcoming journey that we’re about to embark on over the next year. This is something I have been dreaming of for years and years and I cannot believe it’s finally happening.

I’ve always been the type of person to start passion projects, whether it’s something I can incorporate at work, or something that fuels my fire when I get home (such as this blog). So I am SO incredibly excited that this is another passion of mine that I get to explore.

We’ve been planning and making progress on this for months now, and when I launched the blog I knew that it would revolve around this project (as well as gratitude and positivity). On Tuesday everything because official, and “set in stone”.

So without further ado, I am so excited to let you all know that…

Rob & I are building a house!

Yup, you read that right. We’re building (well, a builder is building it for us) our first home. Right here in Edmonton.

Interior design has always been a passion of mine that I never fully pursued. I had tried to take an online course but never found the time to finish it. HGTV is my go-to channel and I grew up watching my parents customize every aspect of our family home, so to finally be able to do the same to ours is beyond exciting but also incredibly intimidating!

I’ve taken every chance I could get to design my bedrooms growing up, our condo, and our townhouse. I’m always on the hunt for new décor or furniture, and just the thought of being able to go a million steps further and pick out every aspect of our house makes my heart flutter. But I don’t think I’m fully prepared for all of the decisions that are about to come our way.

As I said, this is both of our first home so neither of us have any experience in this. We’ve both agreed that this house isn’t going to be a forever home, so a lot of our decisions thus far have been made based on future resale value. We went with a “custom” builder but we ended up choosing the layout of the show home we walked through because we loved it so much, so that part wasn’t hard at all. I think the hardest part is going to be compromising with Rob on the kitchen and the décor. When I moved in we had very different design styles, but he’s slowly coming around. I’ve convinced him on light grey walls, white cabinetry, and lighter flooring… so we’re off to a good start! 😉

So, do you want some details?

Well, the conditions were lifted on Tuesday, which means the fun part begins in the next few weeks! Meeting with the interior designer (because of course I will need some help, I’m no Jillian Harris), trying to have the self control to say no to any further upgrades, and finally the digging will start by the end of the summer.

We’re building in the South East end of Edmonton in a community called Keswick (pronounced Kezick…weird, I know) on the River, which is a newer part of Windermere. The residents association keeps the area so beautifully and I’m sure it will be ten times more beautiful once the area is finished.

But that’s all I’m telling you for now!

I’m so incredibly grateful to not only be in a position in life to be embarking on this journey, but to be doing it with Rob. He is the hardest working guy I know, and has worked so hard to be at this point. I am so proud to be doing this with him.

And I’m also super excited to share it with you all. Not only will I be posting about our progress along the way (including the ups and the downs), but also posting my inspiration and the pieces we choose for the house and where to find them. I hope you’re all excited to follow along on this crazy roller coaster!

Have any of you built a house before and have any tips? If so, let me know in the comments!


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