How to lose that extra weight

everything happens for a reason

Before we begin, I know what you’re thinking and no – this isn’t a fitness post. I’m the last person that can tell you anything about working out, about how to count your macros (I have no idea what that even means if we’re being honest) or what dietary changes you should make to get to your goal. I want to talk to you about another type of weight. The type that a lot of people don’t realize they have. Those pesky few pounds you think you can’t escape from.

I’ve been making a very conscious effort over the past few years to become more aware. Aware of my surroundings, reactions, actions, gratitude, and what type of impression I’m leaving on people. One of the things I’ve taken most realization to is how short life really is, and it got me thinking. What are the things that I want to accomplish in my life, and what are the things I feel like I’d regret if this day were my last?

I truly believe that the Universe behaves in mysterious ways, and that everything happens for a reason. You get a flat tire and you’re late for work. You screw up in your dream job interview and they give it to someone else. A long lasting friendship is no longer ever lasting and you’re left with wounds. All of these situations occur to either take you down a new path, or to add to the bigger lesson later down the road. So what does this have to do with weight?

One of the reactions that I noticed I kept going back to was resentment. I would screw something up or say something I shouldn’t have and beat myself up over it. Or, I would find myself in an unfortunate situation with someone else and would hold some form of resentment towards him or her. I was never truly forgiving others or myself; I was just pushing these moments to the back of my mind and pretending they didn’t happen.

The day that I decided to forgive everyone who had done me wrong, and everything wrong I had done, something shifted. The best analogy I have is this: walk around for 20 minutes wearing ankle weights, and every few minutes strap on more weight. Then all at once, take all of the weights off. Your first few steps are a bit wobbly, but man are they ever light. You feel like you’re flying, like you’ve lost some weight. That’s what it feels like.

You can swim through water with ankle weights, but it makes it a lot more challenging.

You’ll get worn out quicker, and if the weights are heavy enough, you’ll drown. The same goes with resentment. If you go your entire life holding grudges and negative energy inside of you, you’re only weighing yourself down.

If a situation is too traumatizing to ever even think about forgiving the person, try forgiving the situation. Think of what it taught you, what you got from it, and where you are now because of it. If there are ways you can change the situation for the better then by all means, change it. Because you can’t change the past; you can only change the future.

Getting rid of my ankle weights put a bit more spring in my step, opened up more room in my heart, and made me feel a whole lot lighter. On my last day on this earth, I don’t want to think about the things I should have forgiven, the people I should have reached out to, or the steps I wish I took. Life is incredibly short and unpredictable. If you fill it with love and positivity, it will leave you feeling a lot more full and a lot less heavy.

I challenge you to lose that extra weight. Reach out to someone and forgive them, tell them you love them, or forgive yourself. You never know where life’s journey will go.


Need help getting in the mindset for forgiving and forgetting? I highly recommend reading this book. It has absolutely changed my life and allows me to control my thoughts and look for the reasoning in every positive and negative situation. You can find it here:
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  1. Daniela says:

    Big lifestyle changes often means changes in our bodies. I lost a lot of unwanted weight (without really trying) when I moved to China and my days were made of walking and moving everywhere and all the time. I try to keep it up and balance indulgences with health. Loved this piece, looking forward to what you write next 🙂

    Kisses from Spain


    • Cara O'Donnell says:

      I’m so glad to hear that a big move changed your life in more ways than one! Positivity really is the key to the soul.

  2. Great post! Very creative and very true.

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