Positive vs Negative energy

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I wanted to build this next post off from some a older posts (How do you create happiness? & How to lose that extra weight), as I truly believe there are some smaller elements that can help contribute to both.

Positive vs Negative Energy

One of the things I mentioned previously is the importance of positivity. Positivity brings a lighter attitude and atmosphere to your being, but unfortunately atmospheres aren’t always solely made up by you.

Imagine yourself as a someone who emulates light, and all you want to do is create more light for everyone else to benefit from. But every room you walk into is pitch black, and the darkness sucks the light from you until you are a small dwindling candle about to burn out.

This analogy sounds crazy but it actually happens to many people every day. So why is the room filled with darkness?

The darkness is a representation of negative energy, also known as negative people. These people can be a best friend, significant other, a family member, co-worker, even just someone who is a constant Debbie Downer. You walk up to them with excitement and looking for support, and they just put out your flame.

People often surround themselves with negative people unknowingly. And honestly, it’s a hard thing to change. You could have someone in your life that you love dearly but they are an incredibly negative person or they don’t support what you do.

How is a flower supposed to bloom when it’s covered with cement?

You need to be surrounded with people who build you up, rather than tear you down. This is one of the best pieces of advice I can offer to anyone. If there is someone in your life constantly tearing you down, or acts like they don’t care about something that is truly important to you or something you’ve worked hard for, why surround yourself with their energy? I’m not necessarily saying completely cut them out (unless you want to). But try talking to them about it, and if they’re not someone who will change their way of thinking, maybe limit your time with them. Or find someone else who does constantly build you up and take your dreams and aspirations to this person, rather than to someone who you know is going to shut you down.

One of the most positive atmospheres I’ve ever experienced has been online. I know that sounds weird, but if you are in a specific niche where you’re looking to do something or make a difference, join a Facebook group. I’m in various different ones and no question is stupid, and the overflow of support and love in these groups is incredible.

Find your tribe, people who celebrate you and you celebrate them. Those who help you build your dreams rather than those who sit on the sidelines and criticize. The light in the room with be so much brighter, and the darkness won’t have the power to overtake the flame.

And for those who are already in your life that do build you up, be ever so grateful for them. There are so many people who don’t have an immediate support system. To have someone that stands by your side and cheers you on is truly a gift.

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  1. Vox says:

    Thanks for the reminder to stay positive.

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