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How many of you have been trying time and time again to be more grateful, only to find that you get caught up in the rush of the day and push your reflection off to the side? Your current moment seems so stress filled that you forget about the concept of being grateful? Or, you want to live a more grateful life but have no idea where to begin?

Gratitude is indeed a practice, it’s something that you have to incorporate often in order for it to become second nature, and to eliminate the negative thoughts. But it doesn’t have to be hard!

Join the 30 day gratitude challenge for daily gratitude reminders straight to your email. These emails are short and sweet (because I know you’re busy and don’t have the time to read a novel every day!). But they hold enough action to bring in little bits of gratitude into your every day, which will help you solidify your routine!

The emails contain questions, actions or quotes to help you reflect, accept and appreciate.

I highly suggest grabbing a journal for this process check out my gratitude journal here, and documenting the feelings, thoughts and reflections that each email brings. The deeper you get into the reflection, the more grateful and calm you will feel.

Gratitude Journal

Fill out the form below to sign up for this 30 day series, and challenge a friend or two to do the same! I know first hand that having someone else in your life on a similar path or mindset makes these types of changes much more exciting!

Let me know what you think, & I wish you the best of luck through this journey!


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