I'm the friend who pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone, believes in your ability to do whatever the f*@& you want to do, encourages you to grow, dream, and do bigger and better things. 

I help you tap into your potential by working through your limiting beliefs, heavy feelings, emotional traumas, and manifesting via EFT Tapping.

I'm Cara!

hi, new friend!

momma + fiancé + introvert + highly sensitive person + eft practitioner in the making + entrepreneur + digital marketer + anything else my heart desires to be

i'm a firm believer in creating your own happiness.

oh, and building the life of your dreams, living on your own terms, unlimited income potential, emotional freedom, manifestation, and all that fun stuff.

When I was 22 years old I made an over night decision and quit my stable job in a competitive industry and moved across the country in search for something more meaningful. Thus began the journey of me breaking free from my comfort zone and embarking on my self development journey. 

But with stepping out of my comfort zone, came a lot of anxiety. I spent years masking it and ignoring any warning signs that arose. Eventually, I was led to a breaking point. I'm talking multiple panic attacks a day, questioning my entire existence and life's purpose, consistently fighting with my fiancé and family, and wondering what the fuck was wrong with me,

it was then that i realized the importance of actually feeling and processing my feelings, rather than sweep them under a rug and carry on about my life.

I discovered that the tremendous amounts of anxiety and stress I was feeling was amplified due to the fact that I had consistently avoided facing these tough feelings in the past. Sadness, grief, fear, trauma, overwhelm, stress, and anxiety were all shoved in a box and put in the attic of my mind. This resulted in any minor inconvenience feeling like a huge deal and triggering a wave of emotions that I couldn't control.

I was introduced to EFT Tapping about a year prior, but never took it seriously. I strongly believe that even though you see something, you don't truly SEE it until you are ready for it on your own personal journey. I began implementing consistent tapping sessions and felt an immediate release and shift in myself and knew that I had a powerful tool at my fingertips (literally) that I was feeling called to share with the world. 

my purpose is to help people.

this is something i've always truly felt in my core, but never knew how I could achieve it. it's a path I began walking down when I first created my gratitude blog, but as we sometimes do, got lost along the way.

But through hard times, many late nights of self reflection, many personal development books and podcasts, I feel like I've finally found my way again. I am excited to share with you the techniques that I have learned and the resources that I have curated to equip you with the tools to move through the blocks that are holding you back, to transition through heavy feelings, to break free of those limiting beliefs, and to attract, create, and live the life you've always desired. 

Cara O'Donnell

Thank you for stopping by, I know that your path has led you here for a reason, and I deeply honoured to be given the opportunity to build a relationship with you, and to serve you as best as I can!

xo _

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cara o'donnell