I can officially say… we are landlords! This post is long overdue, and I’ve seriously been neglecting this blog but hey, life happens right? Now that we’re all stuck inside for the COVID-19 quarantine, I figured theres no better time than now to get back into writing my thoughts out for you to read than […]

Renovating a Foreclosure – Part One

Real Estate Investing

Happy Sunday friends! I wanted to talk to you today a little bit more in depth about a realization I had not too long ago about toxins in the products we use. As you know, I had been going through a lot of testing to figure out what was causing all of my strange health […]

A Deeper Look at Product Toxins – Health Journey Update

Mind & Body

Hello friends! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written to you, and there’s been a reason. It’s not a reason that I was aware of until more recently, but a setback that is ever so present in many people’s lives. I’m sure most of you wouldn’t recognize it so easily either. The reason is […]

Managing Stress

4 Steps to Help Manage ‘Invisible’ Stress

Mind & Body

Kitchen Reveal Hi Friends! Oh my goodness, it has been way too long since I published anything. I left you all hanging high and dry after my last post about my health issues. I truly apologize, but life has been SO busy. So much has happened since then! I am alive and well, and an […]

Home Series – The Kitchen


The Beginning Have you ever had a burning question that you desperately wanted the answer to, but no matter how much research you did or people you asked, you still couldn’t find it? Welcome to my health journey. If you’re here because you voted on my Instagram story for me to share my health journey […]

My Roller Coaster Health Journey

Health Journey – My Roller Coaster Ride

Mind & Body

Happy Sunday friends! It’s been awhile since the last house update, I’m working on putting together a post on the lighting we chose (I am seriously obsessed with every light), but we’ve run into a tiny issue with the island light so that post is on the back burner for now! But in the meantime, […]

Favourite Front Entry Picks


Ah, winter. The sun rises after you get to work and sets before you leave, it’s brutally cold outside, and my mood is 10% “can’t wait for this day” and 90% “I’m perfectly fine staying right here in the warm bed, so I’m gonna”…anyone else? Yes, I know I’m not alone in this struggle. As […]

How I Tackle the Winter Blues

Mind & Body

It’s official, the Christmas season is finally here! Christmas songs and movies, peppermint hot chocolate and marshmallows, friends and family, good vibes, and one of my favourite parts – Christmas Décor! This year was especially exciting for me in the décor category as it’s my first year with my own full sized space to decorate! […]

Simple Christmas Décor


The Interior Design Update Okay, I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted an update about the house, so it’s finally here! If you’ve been following my Instagram stories (@caraodonnell_) you’d know that theres finally been a substantial amount of progress on the house over the past week. But holy did it ever […]

House Update: All things Interior


How many of you have been trying time and time again to be more grateful, only to find that you get caught up in the rush of the day and push your reflection off to the side? Your current moment seems so stress filled that you forget about the concept of being grateful? Or, you […]


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