"I believe that the essence of a home extends beyond its physical boundaries. It is about the life you lead within those walls and the growth you experience in the process."

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Real Estate Meets Personal Transformation


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Alongside my real estate passion, I advocate for personal development through the practices of gratitude and mindfulness. Discover blog posts exploring these transformative techniques, tools like my revolutionary Gratitude & Growth Journal, and other resources to support your journey towards a more fulfilled life.

Whether you're transitioning between homes or in personal stages, I believe that gratitude, mindfulness, and a positive mindset are key elements that can make the journey rewarding.

Growing out of my comfort zone.

"I was so content with life before that moment that I had no desire for personal growth. I didn’t care enough to change anything about myself, to think about future goals, to get to know myself better, I was just kind of numb, and took everything for granted. The practice of gratitude and being present changed this for me and opened up the pathway to complete internal expansion.

I was able to see the world through a new lens and begin to take bigger chances and push myself to grow and bring my visualizations to life, which meant leaving my comfort zone."

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I wasn't able to find a daily journal that had everything I wanted for spiritual growth, visualizing, reflecting, AND gratitude. So, I made one.

The Gratitude & Growth Journal is a gratitude journal that leads you through a powerful 90-day self-growth experience by working with your highest and best self. It encourages you to write about your daily intentions and affirmations, as well as reflect on your your day, your wins and focus on what you're grateful for.

This gratitude journal is a way of creating space and time to practice gratitude on a daily basis. It will help you connect with your highest and best self by being present, still, and focusing on what you are grateful for. The affirmations, vibrational visualization and reflection questions throughout the book will help you engage with your mindfulness and manifestation practices in a more tangible way.


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After numerous heartbreaks, lots of nights spent soul searching, years of journaling and wondering, “where I went wrong”, I finally found it. The secret. The best lesson I had ever learned, and maybe will ever learn. The turning point in my life.

How Do You Create Happiness?

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The sky is the limit here, folks. Spend your life doing what you truly love, surrounded by those you love, and projecting love. You are the only person who can bring yourself there, and you’re probably the only thing holding yourself back. It’s a scary venture at first but trust me, it will be so worth it in the end.

Living Life To Your Fullest Potential

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I'm Cara O'Donnell, and utilizing my personalized Journey Home Method, I help growing families in Edmonton effortlessly transition from their first to forever home. I'm a mom, real estate investor, and licensed REALTOR® with eXp Realty. I can't wait to help you on your journey home! 



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