The Journey Home Method is my personalized solution for growing households in Edmonton that are looking to sell their existing home so they can finally find and settle into a home that fits their family and needs.

I understand the stress of starting a family, life changing events, & simply just growing out of the home you once loved. I've been there myself – I've stepped on the toys, tripped over the dogs, ran into my partner in the kitchen too many times to count...Those frustrating "icing on the cake" moments at the end of an already busy and stressful day...yep, I know what it's like! 

And I know that the last thing you need is more on your list, and the first thing you need (besides a full glass of wine), is a solution.

That's why I wanted to make the process of transitioning into a bigger home something that was simple, straightforward and tailored specifically to your needs. 

If you're anything like me, you want to feel understood and fully supported when making such an important decision. You're looking for someone to take on the extra stress that you simply can't add to your plate right now, who you can talk to and bounce your big ideas off of. You need someone who thinks of your family first, and who can help you bring your bigger picture to life.

This is why I created my Journey Home Method — so that you can not only have the space you desire, but also the peace of mind that you deserve! 

My personalized

for growing households

Journey Home


Step 4.
The home


Step 1.
the journey

Step 2.
the game plan

Step 3.
the execution

The Method

Everything has come together in harmony. You've begun some packing and are remaining organized and stress-free utilizing my provided lists and recommendations. You're able to relax knowing that my team and I are handling the paperwork, coordinations, inspections, and more.

We've taken your unique circumstances into account to make sure everything, including your closing dates, has lined up with your plans. 

With this plan in place, you feel understood and supported. The overwhelming feeling of relief washes over you as everything falls into place, and your previously stress ridden home dynamic returns back to the enjoyable, loving atmosphere it once was many years ago. 

And just like that, before you know it, you're home.

Meeting either in person or virtually, we discuss in depth what is not working for your family. We'll clarify what goals you have for your family and your desired lifestyle once you have a house that meets your needs– number of beds, baths, sq ft, and anything else on your must-have list. 

During this step, it is important that I understand your budget and timeline so that our expectations are aligned.

I'll also be introducing you to my preferred mortgage broker who will assist in determining your pre-approval amount so that we can determine final budget numbers.

And lastly, I take you through my comprehensive marketing strategy for when I list your home, highlighting the state-of-the-art technology that is used. 

Unique to each family, we outline a timeline of to-dos and deadlines so that we can better gauge when we should list your home on the market and begin actively searching for a property. 

I will conduct an in depth comparative market analysis and work directly with you to land at an agreed upon listing price that makes sense for both the current market valuation and your personal financial goals. 

From here, we discuss any necessary additional plans that need to be put in place, schedule in your staging consultation, and plan for the photoshoot date.

Referring back to what we discussed during Step 1, I take your non-negotiables, budget, nice-to-haves and lifestyle goals and begin filtering through the available listings on your behalf. 
I send any qualified listings that match your criteria over to you, and together we will go and take an in-person look at as many houses as we need to until we find the perfect fit for you. 

If you're not finding what you want with any existing houses, we can always explore new build options. Sometimes, readjusting your budget or search area is necessary to bring your vision closer to reality. 

Step 1.
the journey

Step 4.
The home

Step 2.
the game plan

Step 3.
the execution

journey home?

Ready to embark on your 

Matching with one of my trusted mortgage brokers

Complimentary in depth home valuation

Complimentary in depth home searching tool

Your home listed and marketed with unique,
state-of-the-art behaviour marketing technology that the majority of agents aren't equipped with

VIP access to homes that fit your needs, including new builds & off market listings

Support and assistance through each step of the process

Expert negotiation on your behalf, treating your money like it were my own

& much more!

Dedicated transaction support from our operations manager, executive assistant, & marketing manager

20+ agents personally marketing your home to their network and/or searching for the right home for you

Customized neighbourhood reporting & recent sales data reporting for both buyers & sellers

You'll also receive..


I'm Cara O'Donnell, and utilizing my personalized Journey Home Method, I help growing families in Edmonton effortlessly transition from their first to forever home. I'm a mom, real estate investor, and licensed REALTOR® with the Müve Team at Royal LePage ArTEAM Realty. I can't wait to help you on your journey home! 



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