Your home is more than just four walls. It's where you build your story, where your family grows, where you experience some of your highest highs and lowest lows. Your home is what helped shape you into who you are today, and that can bring a lot of emotion when it comes time to sell. These four walls are where you brought home your babies (whether two legged or four!), where you housed family gatherings, your first holidays, birthday parties, and more! Saying goodbye can be gut wrenching, emotional, and feel like you're losing a part of you. 

But there comes a time where your starter home simply just can't function anymore. Children sharing bedrooms, no room for guests, a kitchen that is too small, constantly tripping over toys, severe lack of storage...these are all the realities of a growing family in a starter home! And if you're reading this, I know you feel the pain.

Luckily, the memories can come with you when you move your belongings!  

I'm here to help you navigate selling your first (or second) home, and hold your hand through the emotional highs and lows that can come with letting go. I know this process is very emotional and it doesn't always allow for thinking without emotions attached, which is why I come in not only with emotional support but my knowledge of the market and ensuring we are making the right financial decisions for you! I help you get top dollar for your home, while keeping the process organized, efficient, and as stress free for you as possible. 

Allow me to deal with the nitty gritty, and negotiate on your behalf (I treat your money as if it were my own, your girl loves a good deal!) to ensure you, as my clients and new friends, get the best deal. 

I would be honoured to help you move through this next stage in your life and help you on your journey home!

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